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Paul C. Lawler

340 Kawaihae St., Suite C
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Voice: (808) 395-8121
Fax: (808) 432=9399
E-mail: [email protected]

We Help your Company Communicate

You've probably been looking at the worldwide phenomena that the Internet has become, and wondering how to get your company hooked up and taking advantage of the Internet.

Whether your company is 1 person or 100, Net Results can take care of hooking you up to the Internet with a low or high speed connection so that you can take advantage of e-mail, web site customer support, on-line ordering and procurement, remote access to your desktop, etc.

My associates and I have a wide background in Personal Computers, Software, Networks, Operating Systems, Telecommunications Equipment and Services.

Support is available for Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows 7, Apple Macintosh OSX, Apple iOS(iPhone, iPad) and Android systems.

Services Offered

We specialize in cost effective solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We offer consulting services in the following areas:
Communications Systems
Many of today's toughest business problems involve communications. As more and more companies find themselves competing in a global marketplace, the need for cost effective communications solutions is more critical than ever. VoIP can be a big part of that solution.
Worldwide Exposure
Expand your marketing presence with a well-crafted web site. Many years of experience with Travel & Tourism on the Internet make Net Results uniquely qualified to act as a consultant in helping you obtain and evaluate proposals from Web Developers.
Get Connected
Connect your Company to the Internet. Immediately improve communication and make your employees more productive.
Net Results can evaluate your present communications systems, and help you find ways to cut costs, improve service and make your company more responsive to the needs of your customers.
Net Results stands ready to help your company purchase, install and configure the necessary hardware and software to gain the communications capabilities you need to stay competitive.
Follow Through
One of the most forgotten items in setting up a web site or a communications system is who will keep it updated, current and accurate. From hardware and software maintenance agreements to web site maintenance, enhancement and even translation, Net Results is committed to ongoing service and support.

Partial Client List

What Else Should I Know?
Net Results is committed to providing the best service possible. We look forward to being able to assist you in reaching (and surpassing) your goals, and commit ourselves to providing you with excellent service.
Fees You Can Afford
We can often save you more than the cost of our service alone. So why not give us a call today?
Net Results is ready to help you implement the technologies which will enable your company to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow and the 21st Century.